Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Elisabeth Shue, Gil Bellows, Eva Link & more.

THE HUNGER GAMES star Jennifer Lawrence is the new girl in a small town. Her and her recently
divorced mom have recently moved in to a big house in a little town. She wonders why they were able
to afford such a big house for such a low price. Her mom tells her it's because the house they live next
there was a murder. The teenage daughter that lived their killed both her parents and then drowned in
the lake near the house. Jennifer starts asking questions and starts finding out from people at school
more of what happens. The person who lives their is the oldest son. He is considered to be the town
outcast and is constantly being picked on and abused. After being ditched by her friend at a party,
Jennifer has to walk home. As she is walking down the road the boy stops and offers her a ride. She
takes up his offer and then soon realizes he isn't anything like everyone says he is. The two of them
become really close and then she soon comes to find out that everything isn't as it seems. He has some
dark secrets that no one else knew about and unfortunately Jennifer is about to find out. The film
does start out playing like a typical teen Horror flick and there is a lot of build up to get to what is
really happening, but the film kept my interest. I felt this film was more along the lines of a Suspense
/ Thriller film than an all out Horror film, but there are a lot of creepy Horror aspect within the film. I
am probably one of the few people who didn't like
THE HUNGER GAMES, because I felt like it
was a dumbed down and Americanized version of the great Japanese movie
would prefer to see Jennifer Lawrence in a role like this film, because I feel it show more of talents.
Over all this film was down really well, with a good script, good acting and some good screen shots.