Starring: Justine Bateman, Tinsel Korey, William MacDonald, Gordon Tootoosis & more.

Justine Bateman plays a doctor who performs a risky transplant operation on a blind patient. They
replace his eyes with the eyes of an injured wolf. Shortly after the procedure things start to change
with the patient. First he starts to be able to see in the dark and he begins to have other violent wolf
like tendencies. A museum curator who also happens to be part wolf decides to help him control his
wolf tendencies. The doctor and her crew want the patient to keep developing the wolf like features
until he completely turns into a wolf. This was a made for TV movie that was more of a Sci-Fi flick
instead of a Horror flick, but there is a lot of stuff for the Horror fan to enjoy. I pretty much watched
it, cause I have always been a fan of Justine Bateman. This wasn't one of her best rolls, but it was still
a decent flick over all.