Starring: Camille Keaton, Eron Tabor, Richard Pace, Anthony Nichols, Gunter Kleemann & more.

This is the original film that spawned the remake of a few years ago. I have seen this film numerous
times, but have never reviewed it before now. The film follows a lonely writer named Jenny Hill. She
needs to get away from the big city and go to a secluded place to try and write her next novel. She
heads to a cabin in some backwoods hillbilly town. She stops for some food and gas on the way there
and finds the locals a bit too friendly and even more creepy. They find out where she is staying and
invade her home. They proceed to torture, violate and rape her. Once they think they have left her for
dead they leave. Little did they know is that she survives and is biding her time. She plots out her
revenge for these sick men. She goes on a rampage of revenge and makes these men suffer before she
finally kills them. I do like the remake of this film a lot and think it is one of the better of all remakes,
but the original is just way better. The film is shot almost documentary style and makes you feel like
you are right there with them. There is no film score, which makes everything your seeing feel so real.
This is one of the best female rape/revenge films ever made! Camille Keaton does and extremely well
job in such a brutal and unsettling part.