Self Released

IDOL OF FEAR is a Canadian Black Metal band that adds in lots of flavouring to their
sound. These guys would maybe be considered an Experimental Black Metal band, but not
in the traditional way. They like to add in some other elements to their Black Metal sound
from different genres. The music is built on Black Metal, but tinges of Rock, Death Metal,
Punk and Ambient are all present through out. They have a very raw and aggressive style,
that is just the perfect balance of not over produced or under produced. There is also a
very cold, dark and harsh feel to their sound. They will take you from a straight forward
intense and harsh Black Metal passage and then slow it down to a cool grooved and Rock
beat. At times the Death Metal sound will come into play and it will be thick brutal and
angry and then they take you in to a slow melodic and atmospheric part. Their whole
sound is then covered in a D.I.Y. style of old school Punk Rock from the '70's and early
'80's. The vocals also follow the same path, but with most of the vocals being a throaty
mid ranged Death growl style, but you can understand the vocals. Other time the vocals
will have a harsher more graspy Black Metal growl and scream touch to them.
has been around since 2011 and even though this is their debut full length release,
it's a very impressive one. I look forward to hearing what they do next! Fans of melodic
Swedish Death Metal will love these guys if they can take a bit of Punk rawness and
attitude mixed with some European atmospheric Black Metal thrown in. Check these guys