Starring: Renee Sweet, Denise Amrikhas, Tytus Bergstrom, John D. Edge, Tony Grat & more.

Rebecca Marsh is a TV reporter who is assigned to do the annual Halloween piece. While covering the
local Halloween happenings they discuss the works of H.P. Lovecraft with people on the streets.
Most of the people they interviewed seemed to not really know anything about Lovecraft. Then she
goes to some experts on Lovecraft and discuss the reality of his stories. She soon comes to find out
the lines between his stories and reality become blurred. She finds herself trapped in the H.P.
Lovecraft stories. The movie was very low budget and some what cheesy from the filming, directing,
acting and story. The film looked like it was completely done on a cam corder and poorly shot. This
movie really had nothing to do with H.P. Lovecraft and more like it was riding off of his name. If you
are a Lovecraft fan then you will more than likely want to skip this, but if you know nothing about
Lovecraft and can sit through some cheesy low budget Horror films you might want to check it out!