Starring: Elizabeth Cox, Renee Estevez, Dan Hicks, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell & more.

A local grocery store is going out of business and on their last night they end up getting a customer
they don't want. The boyfriend of one of the cashiers just got released from prison and will do what
ever he can to get her back. The employees of the grocery store spend the last night cleaning up the
store and doing what ever they can to try and stay alive as they soon realize there is a maniac in the
store. One by one the employees get killed off in gruesome ways as they try to survive and figure
out who the killer is. This is a low budget Horror flick that is a bit slow in parts, but makes up for it
in the death scenes. The film stars Bruce Campbell & Sam Raimi, which was the real reason that I
wanted to see this flick. A must for fans of these guys & die hard Horror fans, but one the casual
Horror fan will probably want to pass on.