Starring: Adrienne Fischer, Alicia Kenney, Oliver Luke, Angel Marquez, Tom Savini & more.

IT'S MY PARTY AND I'LL DIE IF I WANT TO is a really low budget independent Horror flick.
The film looks like it was done by a bunch of college film school students as a school project. It may
as well have been too, because Tom Savini was in it, but for a very short time in the very beginning.
The film follows a bunch of teens who want to throw their friend a killer 18th birthday party. They
decide to through the party in the Burkitt Mansion, which is supposed to be haunted. They crash the
place and set it all up for the party. They do a costume themed party to go along with the history of
the mansion. Once thee party gets started and everyone is having a good time, all hell breaks loose.
Some evil spirits decide to through a different kind of party. As the friends keep getting killed off in
bloody ways, the ones that are still alive try to figure out a way to survive and escape the mansion.
This film is done in a campy, kind of 80's Horror style, but done a little bit cheesier. The story was
very minimal and the acting was sub par, but it had enough going for it to keep me interested. Die
hard Horror fans, who will give any Horror flick a chance may appreciate this film, but other Horror
fans may want to skip over this film.