Starring: Jan Argo, Sean Michael Argo, Shey Bland, Casey Halsell, Eric Halsell & more.

This film takes place during a post apocalyptic world where the earth is over run by Zombies, drugs
and violence. Times are tough and everyone needs to find something to entertain themselves so they
use what is around them. Johnny Sunshine is a beautiful but cold blooded killer assassin. She takes
her Zombie killing expertise and exploits it as the star of a reality show. It quickly becomes the
world's most popular reality show, but when ratings start to drop, her producer has some plans to
boost the shows ratings. He plans to have her killed off on the show. Once she finds out what her
producer is up to she decides to take her skills behind the scenes and kill off the producer and his
crew. This film has a good concept, but was really slow moving, with some bad dialogue and acting.
I was kind of expecting a lot from this film, but was let down. There is some gore and nudity, but
not anything to really brag about. Watch it at your own risk!