GRIMORE (2004)

Starring: Deborah Dutch, Heather Taylor, Rachel Plaster, Rachel De Genaro, Bill Zebub & more.

KILL THE SCREAM QUEEN sounds like it would be a very cool Slasher / Horror flick. It's not
what you think. The film is done by Bill Zebub from the
GRIMORE ZINE. If you have seen any of
his other flicks then you know what to expect. If not, here it goes, the film is very low low budget and
looks like it was shot on a home camera. The story follows an inspiring film maker, or so we think. He
wants to make a Slasher film and is looking for some female leads to play the Scream Queens. He sets
up some individual auditions in a night club. He tells the women about the story of the killer who is into
S&M, torture and rape. He starts to tie them up and proceeds to torture them. He starts out very
calmly and as if he is acting out the story with them. Then eventually he takes things a little too far and
truly acts out the tortures. The women soon realize that what they are going through has become very
real, but at this point it's too late. They find themselves in the middle of a real life snuff film. This film
is very low budget, raw and filled tons of naked hot (mostly) women being abused and tortured. If this
is your style of film, then definitely check it out, but most fans will not really enjoy this flick!