Starring: Daniel Franzese, Eric Jungman, Shane McRae, Emily Foxler, Jeff Bryan Davis & more.

The only real reason I wanted to see this flick was because it was directed by Robert Englund
(Freddy Krueger). As most of the movies he's in as well as directed he likes to add a bit of comedy
in with his Horror. The story follows 3 young guys who want to get a place of their own, find a
Killer Pad that they want to rent. What they don't realize is how killer it is. They discover
something in the basement that starts to freak them out. There is a portal straight to hell & it has
unleashed some crazy stuff. Some beautiful women show up to their house warming party & bring
lots of friends. What they don't realize is these women are spawns from Hell & are there to kill all
the people there as sacrifices. This was done in the style of a lot of the 80's flicks of the same style!