Starring: Dick Purcell, John Woodbury, Mantan Moreland, Henery Victor, John Archer & more.

This film was made during World War II times and is about a small group of passengers on a small
plane. The plane is blown off course and is low on fuel. They catch a faint signal and head towards a
small island to land. They make a crash landing to the island, and have no clue what they are in for.
They soon discover a mansion on the island and take refuge there. The passenger and his man servant
are a little suspicious of the doctor who owns the mansion. The man servant starts to explore the
mansion and soon becomes convince that the mansion is haunted. He becomes spooked by things
happening in the mansion, but it becomes more comical than scary. The movie also shows it's age in
how stereotypical the way the man servant acts. He is an African American man and they make him
seem very buffoonish and dumb and unintelligent. If you can get past this part of the movie you maybe
able to enjoy it, even though it comes off more of a Abbott & Costello film than a
film. The movie is a little slow at times, but it is over seventy years old!