Starring: Alex A. Quinn, Kelsey Crane, Jim Devoti, Kelsey Wedeen, Tara Gerard & more.

Three sisters along with some friends head to their grandfathers home after his passing. They are
hoping to gain the grandfather's inheritance and spend the money on useless junk. Once they arrive
to the lake house they find a backwoods family that is leaving in the home. They come off as the car
takers for the place and welcome the girls and their friends in. What they soon come to find out is
these people aren't who they seem to be. The are a murderous family who is set out to torture and
kill them all. This was a pretty decent Horror flick with the crazy psycho family of killers. Some of
the friends are the usual really annoying type and you just keep rooting for them to kill hacked up.
Some pretty cool death scenes with lots of gore. Check this killer low budget Horror movie out!