Starring: Jean-Loup Philippe, Annie Belle, Natalie Perry, Martine Grimaud, Catherine Castel & more.

LIPS OF BLOOD is one of many films by French director Jean Rollin. He is well known for his
erotic Horror & Thriller movies, especially in the seventies. In this film a man named Frederick sees a
poster of a castle and starts having flashes of memories of the castle. He then sets out to find this run
down castle in the country side. He heads out on his quest and is aided by four female vampires. They
help him find the castle and the beautiful woman who live within. This film is in no way scary, gory or
bloody in anyway. It's more like a soft core adult film with no real sex going on and the woman are all
supposed to be Vampires. The woman who are the Vampires are in no way like the typical Vampires
we are used to seeing in Horror flicks. The woman are more like French models who say they are
Vampires. There is a lot of erotic atmosphere through out this entire film, but it's not as dark or creepy
as some of his other films, but for some reason I still liked this film. I just tend to love Horror films,
especially foreign Horror from the seventies. It has nothing really to do with Horror except the word
"blood" in the title and the pretend Vampires. If your already a fan of Jean Rollin then you'll love this
film, but if not you may want to steer clear of this film.