Starring: Anna Adolfsson, Victoria Bloom, Yohanna Idha, Sonny Laguna, Andreas Vaehi & more.

MADNESS takes on a typical Horror movie scenario about a road trip on some back roads. The film
follows two cheerleaders who are driving to a cheerleader competition. Along the way they stop at a
run down gas station in a back woods area in the middle of nowhere. While there the cheerleaders
(Tara & Jenna) end up meeting two guys whose care has broken down. They offer them up a rid to
their destination. The guys seem really nice and the girls continue with their upbeat cheerleader
personalities. Soon, all the fun and happiness stops and the four are chased down by some hillbilly
rednecks. They capture them and proceed to torture and abuse them. They now need to find a way to
escape and survive their sadistic killers. This film may take on a typical storyline for a Horror film, but
the film is a little different. The main reason is this is a Swedish film, with Swedish actors speaking in
English and trying to act like Americans. The girls where a little annoying at times, but the film was
still pretty decent. If you can get past the fact that they are Swedish actors attempting to be
Americans living in Minnesota and you like those backwoods redneck stalk and torture type Horror
flicks than you'll dig this film! Check out the
WRONG TURN series if you want to see how to do this
type of film properly!