Starring: Samantha Dark, R. Brandon Johnson, Heather Magee, Richard Glover & more.

When four bank robbers go for a big heist to end all their problems, new problems arise. One of
them gets shot & dies & another takes off in a different direction with the money. They all end up
at an abandoned farm house, but not until one of them takes some hostages in a mother & daughter.
He ties them up & keeps them in the house. He goes to the barn to look for his partners & finds a
killer who attacks him. The new killer goes after all the others & eventually kills them, except for
the mother who fights back. She goes all out on a rampage & saves herself & her daughter. This
sounded better than it was. There was poor storyline, poor acting  & poor special effects, the few
that there were. This is a very bad horror film, if you can call it a horror film!!!