MAMA (PG-13)

Starring: Jessica Chastain, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nélisse, Daniel Kash, Julia Chantrey & more.

MAMA comes to us from director Guillermo Del Toro, so you know it's going to deliver. And it
does. The film follows two young girls who's parents have gone missing and no one has been able to
find them. A man searching through the woods discovers a creepy old cabin and enters. He soon finds
the two girls alone in the house and they are animal like creatures with how they move and act. The
police eventually come and pick them up and give them to child services. They place them in the care
of their uncle and his Punk Rock girlfriend. The two young sisters are very feral creatures and have
spent the last five years alone in the woods. They are having a hard time adjusting to civilized life.
The older of the two sisters seems to be able to adjust a bit quicker. The younger sister still walks on
all fours, eats with her hands, sleeps under her bed and grunts. The uncle's girlfriend starts to see the
strange things the girls keep doing and tries to find out how they survived all that time alone. What
she soon discovers is that they weren't alone.
MAMA was there the whole time and she is now
pissed the girls have been taken from her. The older sister doesn't like
MAMA much anymore starts
to warm up to the girlfriend. The younger sister still wants
MAMA around, but she is doing lots of
evil stuff to everyone in the house. This was a very cool story and the way Guillermo tells a story is
amazing. He keeps building the story and suspense to keep you pulled in and makes you really care
about the characters and their safety. The two little girls were dark, creepy and did an amazingly good
job. This is a dark  ghost story, but it is done in a different and new way, but also has the feel of
some of the Japanese Horror films of the same genre. One of his better films, not that he really has a
bad one out there. Another great addition to all the other amazing films he's done! Highly