Starring: Nikki Deloach, Stephen Colletti, Anabella Casanova, Ross Britz, Michael Berryman & more.

Evan Reynolds wants to do something really special for his fiancée Jennifer. He purchases and old
19th century plantation house that has been abandoned for over fifty years. He does it as a surprise
and invites their friends up to celebrate with them. The friends arrive before Evan & Reynolds get
there so they can be in on the surprise. When they get there Jennifer doesn't know really how to react,
but then she starts to fall in love with the house. They decide to go into town and get some supplies
for the house. While they are there they talk to and old man in town named Mr. Peck, who lets them
know of the history of the house. He warns them that they should not stay there and they should get
out because of the evil that lurks within the house. Of course they don't believe him and just go about
with their lives. The friends start to party and have a good time and shortly after the fun ends. A man
who saw his mother slaughtered in front of eyes decades ago on the property comes back to life to
slaughter anyone who comes on his families property. As he starts to kill off the friends on the
property he then makes masks out of their faces and wears it to kill the next person. This is not a
very original story, but it is done very well. It is kind of a mesh up of
FRIDAY THE 13TH's Jason &
TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE's Leatherface. The story was written fairly well, the acting was
decent for a low budget film and the deaths were very killer. Some of them were pretty gory and
pretty violent and had that great '80's Slasher film feel. If you dig cool Slasher films like
then your gonna love MASK MAKER.