Starring: Bettina May, Paul Pedrosa, Teresa Simon, Chelsey Arentsen, Cam Pipes & more.

The media has been covering a bizarre chain of deaths happening through out the city. Two friends who
were former employees of a chemical company that used to conduct medical experiments start to figure
out what is going on. It's not animal attacks that the media thinks it is. It turns out that it is Zombies
caused by the company experimenting on people. The Zombies eventually take over the city and they
must find a way to survive. They team up with some Vampire women, a washed up Mexican wrestler,
a wounded soldier and a crazed scientist. They all put their "skills" together to fend off the Zombies.
This was a very very low budget Horror flick that had a great concept, but was done almost like a
bunch of friends with decent equipment doing a home movie. It has a lot of the great things that make
you love Horror films though. This is one for die hard Horror fans only!