Starring: Donna Akersten, Stuart Devenie, Matk Hadlow, Ross Jolly, Brian Sergent & more.

This is, I believe, Peter Jackson's second film he made. If you thought his first flick
was really bizarre & out there, you haven't seen anything yet. The film is about a bunch of Muppet
look alike characters who star in their very own TV variety show. The producer is a cigar chewing
sex romping walrus, the star is a huge hippo. Some other characters include a whining rabbit in love
with a poodle, a drug selling bulldog, other animals doing drugs, having sex, making porn & lots
more. Things get even more insane when people start dying off & it's all done in a Peter Jackson
style. This is like
THE MUPPET SHOW meets FRAGILE ROCK & everyone is on crack &
having sex!!! See where the director of the
LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy started!