MERCILESS TERROR is a killer Death / Thrash Metal band from Nottingham, England
U.K. These guys take things back to the old school and play their music from the late '80'
to early '90's when Thrash Metal was merging into Death Metal. You can hear both styles
very prominent in their sound, but the Death Metal tends to dominate a little more. There
is a really strong American & European mesh up of influences as well. This is the era that i
grew up on in Metal so I always love when bands play these two style together.
MERCILESS TERROR have been doing this since 2009 and crushing with each new
release. "VILE EXTINCTION" is the bands debut full length after a few demos and EP
releases. The guitar work from Luke Tasker has a bit of that classic '80's Thrash Metal
sound with some mid '90's Death Metal sound. It goes from clean and crisp into a full on
Thrash attack straight into some Death Metal riffing and abuse. The drums are fast paced
pounding with some Thrash / Death Metal grooves, but for the most part it's hyper fast
Death beats. The vocals are done in a mixture of the two styles as well. Dale Linsdell's
vocals go from mid ranged harsh Thrash screams / growls into a lower ended Death growl
style. This is some of the best Death / Thrash I have since the likes of
, early SLAYER & early SEPULTURA. Every Metal
head should get their hands on this release. The
MERCILESS reign of TERROR has just