Starring: Nick Stahl, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Evan Jones, Christy Carlson Ramano & more.

Nick Stahl stars in this second installment of the MIRRORS franchise. Nick is a security guard who
is working the night shift. He some how uncovers a portal through the mirrors to another dimension.
He starts seeing visions of a girl who was murdered in the building. He thinks nothing of it until she
starts claiming the lives of innocent people. He starts researching to find out who the girl is and why
she was murdered. This story has nothing much to do with the original, but it still is a good story.
This one was a bit more violent and bloodier than the first one. I liked Nick Stahl in this flick a lot
too. If you liked the first one you'll probably dig this one as well. Just don't expect it to be anything
like the first one. They just called it this to rid off the popularity of the first one.