Hailing from Canada comes the Death / Thrash Metal monster known as MORTOR.
"SHOOT 'EM UP" is the bands second release to date. These guys have created a strong
following in their home country after the release of their first album "METAL RIDE" back
in 2010. The band started out as a solo project of rhythm guitarist David Paquette, but
quickly turned into a full band back in 2008. The band originally started with a more
aggressive and brutal style of Thrash Metal to use as their foundation for their sound. They
then built onto that by adding in many influences of Death Metal music. There is a really
strong crunchy Thrash guitar sound that dominates the majority of the bands style. They
tend to take it back to an old school style like in the late 80's and early 90's. The Thrash
influences are a blend of Bay Area, New York & German Thrash Metal. The Death Metal
elements come into play more in the faster more heavy drum parts and the vocals of Yolin
Lafreniere. His vocals are a more harsh, thicker style of Thrash mixed with raw Death
growls. These guys are a killer Thrash / Death Metal band that could easily pull in many
fans of both styles. I think if these guys were around when bands like
& DESTRUCTION were all
starting out we would be talking about them as being legends in the Thrash genre, just like
the above bands. Highly, highly recommended!!!