Starring: Rebecca De Mornay, Jaime King, Warren Kole, Briana Evigan, Shawn Ashmore & more.

This film is a Horror film done in the home invasion style. It was done fairly decently as far as these
films go. I have seen a lot of them and this falls some where in the middle. The film follows a group
of friends hanging out and having a good time when their night suddenly gets interrupted. Their
home is invaded by three men with guns who are on the run from the law. They return to the house
that was once their's, but they don't realize that their mother lost the house and these are the new
owners. The mother played by Rebecca de Mornay finally shows up and puts the boys in line. They
quickly round the group up and start to torture them. As the movie continues on some of the group
get killed off and beat up, while some of them decide to fight back. The film was pretty violent in
some parts, but for me it was unrealistic for the most part. There was more of the group than the
three brothers and their mom. I felt that if their lives were that much in danger they would have
fought back a little more and not have been so timid and afraid, especially the guys. This is a remake
of the film of the same name from the '80's, but is quite a different movie.