(March 2012)
(10 track CD) AFM Records
ALMAH is an amazing Power Metal band hailing from Brazil. "Motion" is the bands third release
to date. The band originally started as a solo project from
ANGRA lead singer Edu Falaschi. The
project became a full band between the first and second albums. The band once again experiments
with heavy melodic Power Metal styled music. This time around they add in many other elements
and changes to the sound to expand upon what they are already known for. There are lots of crisp
clean guitar riffs that pass over into Thrash Metal at times along with some aggressive hard hitting
beats found in Traditional Heavy Metal. The well crafted song structures and passages also gives
them a very strong Progressive Metal sound as well. This band is amazing! Any fan of
the bands previous releases will be blown away from the moment this album starts. Highly
recommended for all Power / Progressive Metal fans!
(23 track CD) Relapse Records
BRUTAL TRUTH is back and blasting us with twenty three track in under fifty five minutes. One
of Grindcore's top performers have done it again. They have unleashed another Grindcore
masterpiece. The music is as powerful, aggressive and intense as ever. Dan Lilker is the founding
member and has been a major part of the extreme Metal scene with all the bands he's been in, but
non of them compare to
BRUTAL TRUTH. There is blasting explosive Grind passages all through
out. The high speed guitar riffs shred the listener with each new riff. The vocals also seem more old
NAPALM DEATH and that's saying much. As NAPALM went more Death Metal, these guys
stayed the course and became the masters of the Grindcore scene!
(10 track CD) Cruz Del Sur Music
DARK FOREST hails from the United Kingdom and plays Power / Heavy Metal music. These
guys have been creating their blend of Metal since 2002 and just keep getting better with each new
release. They play in a very strong Traditional Heavy Metal style, but add in some flavoring of
Thrash Metal, Power Metal and Folk Metal influences. The music has a strong Power Metal feel
mostly from the vocals. The vocals are very clean and have a lot of mid to high range. The guitars
is where the some what Thrash Metal influences come in to play with some of the arrangements
and riffs. The rest of the music along with the lyrics is where the Folk Metal elements come into
play. These guys remind me of
DIO if they were a little faster and had a bit of a darker edge. These
guys have taken Metal to a new level and made an all out amazing release. This is a must for fans
of old school Traditional Heavy Metal in the vein of
(3 track CD) Self Released
CIRCUS OF LAMIA is a very different and unique band. The band formed in 2010 and like most
bands, went through many line up changes and searched for a musical direction. The band finally
gelled together and came up with a dark and macabre sound. The music is a mixture of Industrial,
Death Metal, Gothic and even a little Thrash Metal. The majority of their sound lies within Death
& Gothic Metal styles. The guitars have a dirty metallic Industrial feel mixed with Thrash Metal
riffs. In a lot of the faster more aggressive parts is where you can hear the Death Metal elements
shining through. They cover all the music with a gritty dark Gothic vibe. The mixture of female
Goth vocals with male Death growls also adds to their sound.
CIRCUS OF LAMIA would be a
cross between
EVANESCENCE with CARCASS. That should be enough for you to check these
guys out. You can download this album for free on their website too.
(11 track CD) Self Released
Emerging from the bloody pits of darkness in Italy comes DR. GORE. The band was formed back
in 2002, but this is only the bands second release. These sickos play extreme Death Grind music
covered in piles and piles of blood, guts and gore. The music is ultra fast and violent sounding with
music is fast paced high speed ultra sick Grindcore that is mashed together with low ended brutal
Death Metal. The vocals are low ended Death growls mixed with high pitched Grindcore screams.
These guys are one of the best Grindcore acts I have heard in a long time. It reminds me of a lot of
the bands coming out of Czech Republic in the 90's playing this style. All spastic Grind freaks will
love this! Grind til' Death!!!
(8 track CD) Relapse Records
I was so happy to get this new FUCK THE FACTS release. I have been a big supporter and fan of
these guys since way back when Topon Das was doing this as a solo project. I used to distribute
all his releases on my label as well. Once he started building interest in the project he turned it into
a full band. They play a spastic mixture of Grindcore & Death Metal music. This is not your
typical band playing this style and they like to describe it as Bastardized Grindcore. The band has
definitely advanced in the past few years. Each new release incorporates  something new that the
previous didn't. This time around it seems like they have added in some Mathcore type elements to
their style. There is also some Progressive parts in the structure of how the songs are laid out. The
vocals are done in a mixture of Death growls and Grindcore screams. The intricate well thought out
songs mixed with brutal chaotic aggression is what makes this band stand out from all others
attempting this style.
FUCK THE FACTS has and always will be one of the best bands to ever
come out of Canada and will always be one of my favorite underground bands! If you haven't heard
them, you must buy this album and blast it!
(10 track CD) Molusco Discos
HABORYN is a Death Thrash Metal band hailing from Venezuela. "AT THE EDGE OF
EXTINCTION" is the bands 5 release to date. These guys mix both of the above styles, but tend
to lean a little more towards Death Metal in the majority of the music. The Death Metal ranges
from brutal straight on Death to slower grooved out melodic Death Metal. The majority of the
Thrash Metal is present in guitar riffs and arrangements. There is an old school vibe being played
through out. These guys a very killer new band I have been lucky to find. They combine both my
favorite styles of Metal together and do it way better than most bands. They remind me of the
bands coming out in the early 90's. These guys will surely attract tons of fans of both old and new
school Death & Thrash Metal. One of the best releases I have heard in a long time.
(Available through BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS)
(11 track CD) AFM Records
Germany's legendary Power Metal heroes, IRON SAVIOR are back with another killer album.
These guys have been around for many years now and keep churning out great albums, each one
better than the previous. The band keeps to what they do best on "THE LANDING", their first
album in four years. The music combines many elements of Thrash Metal & Traditional Heavy
Metal all wrapped up in Power Metal. They have a very epic style to the music that is
accompanied by the very Metal battle, war and sci-fi themed lyrics. These guys have very strong
riffing and grooved out tracks that make you want to chant along with them. I love music like this.
It reminds me of a lot of the bands that helped turn me into a Metal head. This is a must for fans of
releases from these guys and this album surpasses anything they have done in the past. These guys
are what killer Heavy Metal sounds like! Buy it & crank it!
(13 track CD) Self Released
KEVIN M. THOMAS is one very talented and amazing musician. He has been performing and
creating his music for years. He has many projects he is involved in. His man project is the band
SECOND LIFE playing 80's styled Rock music. On this release he performs an all instrumental
album that has been inspired by
TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. The music is some what
dark a dreary feeling at times and at others it's a bit more up beat a driving. The music is done in a
Symphonic Metal style in the vein of
this amazing musician to truly enjoy his talent. Check out his other albums with Classical
compositions, Chamber music & Piano collections as well.
(6 track CD) Debemur Morti Productions
"IN BONDAGE TO THE SERPENT" is the debut release from this Oslo, Norway based Black
Metal band. These guys will pull in a lot of fans from the name alone, but the members have all
been big parts of the underground Metal scene. The band is lead by Dan Lilker of
& S.O.D. fame, along with members of MAYHEM, TYRANT,
& more. The band plays a slow dirty and gritty Black Metal style that just creeps
along all the way through. The music is a bit dreary and depressing sounding as well. There is a lot
of slow heavy riffing and much reverberating feedback. At times there are tempo changes, but they
are slight and the speed never picks up. I'm not usually a big fan of this style of Black Metal, but
this got me hooked and I'm loving every minute of it. This is a must for fans of
. If you
think you can handle the heavy dirty Doom filled Black Metal experience, then pick this up and
(10 track CD) AMBIENT
Scott Mosher is back with a new release from his band OCEANS OF NIGHT out of New York.
Scott has been creating amazing instrumental Progressive Metal music for years now as a solo act.
With his band, he has taken that music to a higher level. He is accompanied once again by Scott
Oliva, who performs in the
IRON MAIDEN tribute band LIVE AFTER DEATH. These guys
together have created some truly amazing Progressive Metal mixed with elements of Traditional
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Ambient sound scrapes. This is a hard feat to accomplish and I
really haven't heard anyone do it better than these guys. There is an epic vibe to some of the tracks
as well. If you can pictures
mixed within along with touches of
talented band that deserves much attention. The would fit in perfectly with most of the
Progressive Metal bands on
SENSORY RECORDS. Pick this one up!
(5 track CD) Patac Records
PANZER BASTARD is from Boston and was formed back in 2006 by a bunch of Metalheads
from various bands out of New England. These guys have a love for all forms of extreme music
and it shows in their sound. These guys play what I would call Crossover styled music. It's a
mixture of Thrash Metal, Hardcore & Punk. This is one of my favorite styles of music because I
love all the genres mentioned above and it takes me back to the days when I was starting to really
(9 track CD) Crush The Desert
Emerging from Mensk, Belarus in 2004 comes PIAREVARACIEN. These guys play a tight
mixture of Black Metal, Folk & Pagan Metal. The music tends to lean more towards the Folk &
Pagan Metal side with some of the arrangements and instruments used. The Black Metal elements
are more present in the darker more aggressive passages. There are a number of non traditional
instruments used through out their songs. With the lyrics centering around nature, Paganism and
their love for their motherland, this just adds to the unique and creative style of Folk Metal they
deliver. The vocals are done in a combination style of groggy low to mid ranged Black Metal
growls and mid to higher ended melodic Folk Metal vocals. These guys are another great band to
add to my Folk Metal collection. This is a must for all fans of Pagan / Folk Metal!
(Available through BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS)
(5 track CD) 9th Meridian Records
PICTURE ANN is yet another solo project by J.N. who plays in the band SAGNTID.The music
on this project is stuff he has created intuitively and on the spur of the moment. The music doesn't
fit any of his other projects at all. This music has a very dark and dreary feel to it and is done in a
Black Metal mixed with Gothic Metal style. The passages are a bit creepy at times and would best
fit as the soundtrack for many of Horror films, especially the
HAMMER FILMS of the seventies.
There are some vocals on here as well that are done in a spoken word style with a graspy Black
Metal vibe. This is a killer project that is nice to listen to when I want something other than
blasting spastic Death or Black Metal. You can tell that J.N. is influenced by
BURZUM, from
listening to some of these songs. Give this a spin and find yourself falling into the dark trance that
the music brings on.
(9 track CD) Wraith Productions
Metal monster known as PTAHIL. The band has been around since 2009 and released many
singles and EPs, but now we get to really experience the beast full on. These guys base their sound
in Black Metal, but build on that sound with elements of Doom, Death and even a little Punk
music. The music is kind of done in an old school Black Metal style, with a bit more raw
production. There is a bunch of strong Thrashing guitar parts that help push their music along.
The vocals are done in a harsh Black Metal scream with some lower groggy Black Metal growls.
These guys remind me of a mix between
all rolled into one. What a killer combination, huh? That means this is an absolute
must! Horns raised!!!
(4 track CD) Patac Records
"BRANDED FOR LIFE" is the newest release from this Swedish Death Punk band. This is my
first time hearing these guys and I loved what I heard. They play a gritty old school style of Punk
Rock music with heavy Death Metal influences mixed all through out. There is a killer Punk Rock
attitude that blankest their sound as well. It has a really dirty and raw seventies Punk Rock vibe.
The faster and more aggressive parts, especially in the guitars, is where most of the Metal
elements come into play. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Punk / Metal crossover style. These
guys are amazing! They remind me of a lot of the music I was into back in the late 80's when I was
heavily into skateboarding. They are like a more Punk version of
MOTORHEAD with some
& JFA tossed in the mix! Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!
(10 track CD) Wings Of Destruction
Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia comes this massive Death Metal juggernaut known as
SEPTORY. These guys have been spreading their Death Metal madness since 2005.
"SEDUCTIVE ART PROFANE" is the bands third release to date. These guys play old school
Death Metal with some slight touches of Thrash Metal tossed in the mix. The music is very brutal
with lots of fast aggressive parts, but at the same time it has a strong technical Death Metal sound
as well. The slight Thrash Metal elements appear mostly in the guitar work. The vocals are done
in a mid ranged Death growls style. I could see everyone from Thrash Metal fans, Death Metal
fans and Metalcore fans all loving this band. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys exploded in the
next few years and became one of the more popular and well known bands in the underground
Death Metal scene. I know they deserve to be bigger than they are now!
(9 track CD) Wings Of Destruction
THE INCINERATION is a different sounding Metal band out of Russia. These guys have an old
school Death Metal vibe, but add in some flavoring of Thrash, Traditional, Black Metal and
Doom to their sound. The music takes on many forms through out the album. The raw crunchy
and static like sound makes it feel more like and old school demo release from back in the day.
The guitars of course, is where some of the Thrash influences shine, while the raw grittiness is
where the Black Metal comes into play. The cold dirty vibe and slower passages is where Doom
Metal is coming to the surface. Then there are some harsh throaty Black / Death Metal growls
that round the bands sound out. These guys have a little of everything for all fans of many Metal
genres to enjoy!
(5 track CD) Self Released
TIRAN is a Thrash Metal band out of Russia. These guys have been spewing forth some really
gritty and dirty Thrash Metal music since 2005. The band has a spastic old school style to their
music. There are some Black Metal influences that come out in their songs as well. These
elements are mostly present in the vocals. They have a really fast paced and aggressive sound that
just keeps pummeling you in the face. These guys sound like a mixture of two of my favorite
bands and that's
TOXIC HOLOCAUST & NUN SLAUGHTER. This is just a mini CD demo
release. They do have a full length release out now that came out after this release. Check these
guys out!
(14 track CD) Gorilla The Horse Records
This Brooklyn, New York based Hardcore band has finally unleashed their first full length release.
These guys are not the typical Hardcore band that you would expect out of New York though.
They add in some flare with strong Metal & Noise influences through out the whole album. The
music is loud, angry, spastic and in your face. They have a very Hardcore based sound with a lot
of groove, with loud shredding Metal guitars and lots of Noisecore mixed all through out. The
vocals are loud screaming Hardcore & Noisecore styled. If you were to mix together
& MESHUGGAH together you'd get a good idea of what this killer band sounds like! Get this
and play it loud and often!