Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Tyshawn Bryant, Rachel Montez Collins, Johanna Watts & more.

With the title of
MUTANT VAMPIRE ZOMBIES FROM THE 'HOOD, you know your not going to
be watching a block buster hit Horror film, but a low budget Horror flick. That's exactly what this film
is. The movie follows C. Thomas Howell who is a cop and his partner as they try to bust a gang
operation. They head out to a warehouse where there is supposed to be a gang war going down. The
gang war is between an Asian gang and a Black gang. The cops get caught in the middle of the battle.
As the battle wages on something strange starts to happen. A flash of cosmic light fills the skies and
everyone is knock unconscious. When they wake things have changed a bit. They all head outside and
discover that the majority of the population has been turned into blood drinking, flesh craving Vampire
Zombie Mutants. The gang members and cops must put all things aside and band together to try and
survive. They head through the streets of Los Angeles to find other survivors. They end up finding a
scientist and his daughter who may have discovered a cure. I have always been a huge Zombie fan, so I
will basically watch anything with Zombies. I also went into this film not expecting much, so I think I
was able to enjoy this film more than the average Horror fan. The acting was pretty bad, so was the
script, but it still had enough to keep me interested to watch till the end. There were some slight twists
on the Zombie genre than seen before. It reminded me of a lot of the films that are put out by the Sci-Fi
channel. Cheesy as expected,  but entertaining.