Starring: Helene De Folgerolles, Francis Renaud, Dida Diafat, Marie-Sohna Conde & more.

This is a very cool French Horror flick. There is an unstoppable virus that is turning everyone into
violent aggressive Zombies. Everyone who hasn't been infected is struggling to find a safe place for
hiding. Sonia and her husband Marco are two lone survivors who are doing what they can to stay alive.
They are looking for other survivors to help them find a safe place until the government can figure out
what is going on. They do find some others and end up hiding out in an abandoned hospital. There they
discover that there are a ton of infected people who are now Zombies also inside the hospital. The
zombies are extremely violent and hungry for flesh. Marco eventually gets bitten and Sonia must come
to terms that her husband is no longer her husband. This is one of the best foreign Horror Zombie films
I have seen in a long time. Lots of action, blood, gore and violence!