Starring: Robert Beltran, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Sharon Farrell & more.

NIGHT OF THE COMET is one of those gems from the '80's that a lot of die hard fans always
seem to go on about. I was around in the '80's and watched a lot of Horror films from that time and
some how missed this one. I would not really include this as a Horror film, because there wasn't
really much in the way of Horror. There is a night when the world will be able to watch a huge comet
shoot across the sky. There are two sisters who do not get to witness this comet, which will
eventually be good for them. They wake up the next morning and find out that the comet has turned
everyone into red dust. Well, almost everyone. They go searching for other survivors and end up in a
radio station. Here they find a male survivor. They soon group together to go looking for other
people. Occasionally they run into a few Zombies and then escape to the nearby mall. The girls go
on a shopping spree and dance around to cheesy Pop music. They are soon ambushed by some
scientist who want to capture the girls in hopes that something in their blood maybe the answer why
they have survived the comet. The film is in my mind pretty cheesy through and through, but is
exactly like the life style of the '80's and has that same appeal as most films made in the '80's. If your
a fan of cheesy low budget '80's pop culture, music, fashion and movies then your gonna love this
film. I have seen a lot of way better films from this genre and era than this, but I have also seen a lot
worst as well!