Starring: Monica Keena, Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong, Linnea Quigley & more.

This is another remake of a classic 80's Horror flicks. I recently watched the original again and then
this remake. They did a good job with keeping true to the original story. Shannon Elizabeth who
plays Angela Feld wants to throw the ultimate Halloween party. She holds the party in the
rumoured to be cursed Broussard Mansion. What they didn't realize was that it would be their last.
The gates to the mansion get locked and creates a barrier from Hell around the property. Some evil
spirits take over and posses the party goers who turn evil and then go around killing other people at
the party. The evil spirits jump from person to person so no body truly knows who is possessed
and who will be next. This was a decent remake and it was really cool they gave Linnea Quigley a
part in the film since she has the most remember able scene in the original!