Starring: Vincint Bocchini, Scott Boyd, Tara Carlton, Brian Carr, Christina Chavez & more.

NIGHTMARE ALLEY plays of as trying to be like a TALES FROM THE CRYPT or
CREEPSHOW type movie. There is a ghoulish host (that reminds me of a lot of the Horror hosts that
hosted late night Horror shows on cable) that takes you through all seven of the tales told in the film.
This is a very low budget Horror film which seems to have been shot on a very tight budget. "A Fistful
Of Innards" follows some Zombie cowboys who rampage across the prairie. (This is one of the better
of the stories). In "Rebellion" a satanic evil rat forces a man to commit murder for him. This was sort
of a reversal on the film
BEN or WILLARD, where a man trains rats to kill for him. In "Death Chat"
a loser sets up a date over the Internet with a vengeful ax wielding ghost? "Meat" is about a woman
who kills off her abusive husband and then feeds his remains to a fat slob who lives in the
neighborhood. "Closet Case" finds a homophobic Punk dude killing off a gay guy. In "The Great
Damone" an artists kills off his spouse and uses her body for his next art project. A Jack The Ripper
style killer goes on a killing spree in "Slash Of The Blade". Most of these stories were done very
poorly and weren't that scary or gory, but these were done on a very low budget, as most
films are, so I wasn't expecting too much going in. Die hard Horror fans that will watch
just about anything will find some enjoyment in this, but most run of the mill Horror fans will find it
hard to get through this entire film.