Starring: Jay Saunders, Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Devon Brookshire, Carla Okouchi & more.

NINJAS VS VAMPIRES is more of an action - comedy with Horror influences mixed in. This
would be because of the Vampires of course. The film is about a bunch of Vampires who are trying to
take over the world and the Ninjas must protect the fate of the world. Aaron is turned down by the
girl of his dreams and they were then both attacked by Vampires. They were saved by a group of
mystical group of Ninjas. Aaron now wants to track down these Ninjas and join them to save his
woman. He eventually finds them and they let him join them. They start training him the ways of the
Ninjas. They must track down and defeat Seth, the Vampire overlord who wants to destroy mankind.
The film has a lot of action with some comedic and sexy parts thrown in. The film is of the low
budget type, but is still kind of a fun movie to watch. This film was made by the same people who
brought us