Starring: Rita Calderoni, Stelio Candelli, James Harris, Renato Lupi, Iolanda Mascitti & more.

NUDE FOR SATAN is an Italian Gothic Horror film from director Luigi Batzella. Dr. Bensen is
driving along a countryside road late at night when he comes across a car accident. There is a young
woman hanging from the car crashed on the road. He pulls the girls from the wreckage and tries to find
her some help. He comes upon a mysterious castle and proceeds to find someone in side. The woman
that opens the door seems to be an exact look alike of the woman he has rescued from the car wreck.
They soon discover that she is not the only resident of the castle. The man looks to be a darker version
of himself. The castle is also filled with some ghouls and monsters as well. This film is very deceiving
from the title alone. This film really has nothing to do with Satan or Satanism. There is a little nudity,
but nothing that should be really talked about. Besides the creepy atmospheric parts in some spots the
film was just an average foreign Horror flick from the 70's. It was like a poor man's version of a Dario
Argento film!