Starring: Manuel Gelin, France Lomay, Jeff Montgomery, Myriam Landson, Eric Viellard & more.

This is not just an Italian Zombie Horror flick, but a Nazi Zombie flick at that. I am a huge Zombie fan
and will watch anything with Zombies in it, but this was pretty bad. Not bad in the sense of low
budget, but bad in every aspect. The story was pretty week, the acting & dialogue were horrible and
the sets and make up effects were very poor. The story is about Nazi's during World War II who
buried more than $6 million in gold in the Sahara Desert. Half a century a man discovers the secrets in
his late fathers journals. He sets out to uncover the treasure but is unaware of what awaits him. The
reanimated corpses of the Nazi soldiers who were made to guard the treasure have risen to protect the
gold. The movie is very slow moving and the only scenes really worth watching are when the Zombies
are on screen, which isn't much. Only die hard Zombie fans would want to watch this, but there are a
ton of better Zombie flicks out there that you can spend your time watching!