Starring: Kelly Rae LeGault, Thomas Mendolia, Jill di Donato & Jerry Janda.

First off, I liked to thank director Jeremiah Kipp for finding my site and submitting his film for
review. Very cool!
PAINKILLER is a short film, just over fifteen minutes long. The film opens with
a guy in some basement like room watching a video feed on his computer with a girl on it that just
keeps repeating, "It's Not Enough". At first your not sure what is actually going on, when there is a
knock on the door. A well dressed man in a suit enters with a briefcase and is there for a reason. The
original guy proceeds to tell his story and we will soon find out why the suit and tie guy is there.
The man tells him of how him and his girlfriend were both scientist experimenting on some kind of
cure for cancer patients. They were sick of doctors just feeding people medication to deal with the
pain. They created a symbiotic organism that would feed off of the persons pain and then release
endorphans of pleasure in return. Once they thought they had it perfected the female scientist
volunteers to be the test subject. He injects her with the organism that would attach to the spine and
feed off the pain. What they didn't expect were the side affects. The creature needed more and more
pain to feed and to keep the woman alive. He would beat her and she would feel pleasure. He hires a
dominatrix to administer more pain for pleasure, but it's not enough. He then locks her in a safe room
where she starts to self mutilate herself. This is the video feed that was on his computer monitor at
the beginning. There is a little more to it and we find out the real intentions of the man in the suit at
the end, but I want to leave some mystery for you the viewer if you get to see this short film. It
started off slow in the beginning, but just cause you didn't know what going on, but quickly pulls
you in. This wasn't a straight up Horror flick, but definitely had the elements of a Horror film. The
only thing I didn't like was that I felt more like I was watching the beginning of a film and then
turned it off. They get you interested and then when the story really turns the film ends.  I was
really into it and wanted more, a lot more. Please make a second short so we can see what Kelly Rae
LeGault's character does next. This a was a "killer" short that just left me wanting to see more,
maybe a full length feature???