Starring: Katie Featherstone, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong & more.

This film has gotten a lot of hype through the internet & word of mouth. I was a little leery of if it
A young couple begin to start experiencing strange noises & voices in the middle of the night in
their house. The boyfriend gets some recording equipment & cameras to see if they can capture
anything. They consult a doctor of paranormal & he tells her she has a demon attached to her & it
will follow her where ever she goes. As the nights progress more & more happen things get more &
more violent. The boyfriend keeps taunting it to provoke it. The acting was pretty poor & the film
was really slow through out most of the film. It's worth a watch just to see the hype & then you
can make your own judgement! If you hated
BLAIR WITCH then you'll probably hate this as well!