Starring: Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton, Stephen Dunham, Matt Shively, Alexondra Lee & more.

This is the 4th installment in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film series. The movie takes place five
years after the other film ended and Katie killed off her boyfriend, her sisters and her sisters husband
and then went off with their child. The film focuses on a young girl named Alex. She and her Mom
and younger brother all live in a house together. Things start getting weird when something happens to
the neighbor that lives near them. We find out that the neighbor had a heart attack and has to go to the
hospital. Her son comes to live with Alex and her family because he has no other family. When Alex's
boyfriend starts hanging out at their house the new kid, Hunter doesn't seem to like him at all. She
keeps telling her mom that there is something creepy with Hunter, but everyone thinks his strange
actions are just because of what happened to his mom. The boyfriend tells Alex she can record what is
happening through the camera on her laptop. This is how a lot of the footage in the film is done. She
captures the kid doing strange things through out the house in the middle of the night. She see's him
wandering around the house and kind of being in a trance. There are some weird things that happen
and creepy instant scares that you know are coming, but don't know when. Not much really happens
in this film, just like in all the previous films, but I enjoyed watching this film over most of the others.
I fell asleep in the theater during the first film and really can't believe I still watch anymore of these
films. There are a lot of people that think this is the worst film in the series, but I actually was more
into this one than the first three. If you like these films up to this point, you probably will not like
this film, but if you watch this film as a stand alone you will most likely like this film!