Starring: Justin Welborn, Ashley Watkins, Travis Goodman, Matthew Robinson & more.

This film is not your big budget type Horror flick, but rather a low budget B Horror flick that you
just watch for the fun of it. Seven friends embark on a camping trip in the back woods of Caveland,
Kentucky. As they journey towards their destination they are warned by the locals to stay out of the
woods and go home. Of course they don't heed their warnings and head into the woods anyway.
From here on you can probably guess what is about to happen next. Of course they all get separated
from each other by being chased by some back woods rednecks who are out to slaughter them all. The
group of friends do get killed off and they are a typical group of friends and you kind of look forward
ton them get hacked up. The movie is low budget so the story, the acting and the special effects are
not the greatest, but if you go in knowing what your gonna get you can actually watch this film and
have a good time. Are there a bunch of better Horror flicks out there, sure, but there are also a lot
worst ones as well. Sit back, let the film play and just enjoy yourself. Not for the casual Horror fan,
but most die hard fans will find something they like about