PERKINS 14   (R)

Starring: Patrick O'Kane, Richard Brake, Shayla Beesley, Mihaela Mihut, Michale Graves & more.

PERKINS 14 is one of those movies that was part of the AFTER DARK FILMS "8 FILMS TO DIE
FOR" series. In this film a pharmacist is locked up in a jail cell after being caught from kidnapping
some neighborhood children. The police officer that is guarding him, was one of the people who had
his kid killed by the pharmacist. The pharmacist has drugged or some how manipulated 14 followers
to protect him from the parents of the kids he has kidnapped. The followers are in a Zombie like state
that go nuts and do what ever they can to protect him. The story was a little different than most
Horror films, but had a sort of Cult like feel to it. The 14 Zombie like followers represent the 14
children he had kidnapped in the prior years. There is a lot of dramatic action and some tense parts,
but the film being low budget made it to come of a little suspect and cheesy at times. The film
probably would have been better with a bigger budget. The cool part is that Michale Graves, who used
to be the lead singer of
THE MISFITS is in the film. Not that it makes the film much better, but I love
THE MISFITS, so it was still cool. If your a fan of the AFTER DARK FILMS series of "8 FILMS
TO DIE FOR" then you'll enjoy this film, but if you only like mainstream Horror than stay clear of