Starring: Travis Aaron Wade, Tina Huang, Howard Johnson Jr., Trevor Bullock, Rajiv Shah & more.

PIG HUNT is not a straight up Horror film, but a mixture of some genres. There is a group of friends
that live in San Francisco who decide to take a weekend hunting trip. They pack up and head to a
cabin in the deep woods. On the way there they stop at a local side road store where they encounter
some of the locals. The locals tell them about a legendary 3000 pound wild pig that everyone tries to
hunt down. The majority of people never make it back alive and those that do are never the same. The
group heads out to hunt down this wild pig, while they are out in the woods they run into the
redneck hillbilly locals. They tell them they will help them hunt down the pig, In the process they
continue to mess with them and hunt them as well. The movie kind of blends Horror with wild
Creature, Hillbilly Slasher flick. There is a kind of twist ending to the film which throws it into
another whole different film. The other cool thing is Les Claypool from
PRIMUS is one of the
Hillbilly locals. Not the best Horror flick out there, but definitely a cool one worth checking out.