Starring: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Gigandent, Maggie Q, Lily Collins & more.

This post apocalyptic Horror thriller is based on a popular comic book. In the future the church
rules and the priest were used to wipe out vicious creatures who tried to take over the planet. Now
everything is calm until one incident brings up suspicion that these creatures still exist. Paul Bettany
goes to the church to re-instate the priest to investigate, but they don't believe him. He goes against
their will to investigate and kill the remaining creatures. He teams up with some other priest and
discover the Vampire creatures exist and go after them. They fight them and wipe most of them out
only to discover there is something far worst behind the Vampire creatures. This was a pretty cool
with that takes a different twist on the Vampire genre, filled with enough action and gore.