Starring: Caitlin Wachs, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Mark Feuerstein, Biski Gugushg, Jeremy Jones.

This episode of the Showtime series
MASTERS OF HORROR was directed by the legend John
Carpenter. A fifteen year old girl gets pregnant and doesn't want to have the baby. She goes to an
abortion clinic to end the pregnancy. Once there and ready for the procedure her father and brother
burst into the clinic. They hold the doctors hostage and want them to stop the procedure. They
want the baby to be born. They soon regret that decision when the vicious demon monster baby is
born. It quickly wreaks havoc and destruction upon the building and the people inside. The people
get slaughtered and gore splatters everywhere. This was a little weird, but another cool feature to
add to the classics that John Carpenter has created! I loved this series & really miss it!