Self Released

First off I want to say I can't believe that PROTOKULT is not signed to a record label! I
don't know what i was expecting to hear when I popped this disc in, but it wasn't this. I am
pleased to what I did hear.
PROTOKULT is an amazing Folk Metal band from Canada and
they should be as well known as other Folk Metal bands like
plays Folk Metal just as good if not better than most of the Folk metal bands out there
today and can stand tall next to any of the above mentioned bands. You would never think
they hail from Canada, but they do and the band members all come from various
backgrounds. The members come from Polish, German, Russian, Czech & Canadian
descents. You can hear influences from each of these countries traditional music emerging
from within the Metal in their sound. I always love the well balanced style of these genres
of music. I also love the well balanced mixture of Martin Drozd's melodic thick male
vocals and Ekaterina's angelic enchanting and almost operatic vocals. Along with Metal
instruments they mix in synthesizer, recorders, keyboards & traditional instruments.
PROTOKULT is one band that you really need to hear to fully appreciate the talent or
raw musicianship, song writing and performing. This band is truly amazing and deserves a
hell of a lot more attention, coverage and exposure than they are getting. One of my
favorite new bands that will surely get a lot of play on my ipod.
what I will think of when I think of great Folk Metal bands I hope I get to see them live
someday, because I'm sure it's an amazing experience. Everyone must check out
PROTOKULT & I mean everyone!