Starring: Robert R. Shafer, Barbara Niven, Rod Sweitzer, Miles Dougal, Julie Strain & more.

PSYCHO COP is back in this sequel to the first film. A group of office workers in a high rise
building decide they want to let off some stress by having an after hours office party. Two of the
workers are having office sex, not even knowing the party is going on. The other male workers decide
to invite some strippers up for the party. The security at the front desk knows about everything, but
gets a little suspicious when a cop shows up. It turns out to be
PSYCHO COP. He makes his way up
to the offices where the party is and a long the way kills anyone that he encounters. This was a decent
sequel with some cool death scenes and some are really gory, while others were more comical. If your
a fan of this series then you'll dig the film, but even if your not, you can still watch this and not be lost!