Starring: Donald Pleasence, Norman Rossington, David Ladd, Sharon Gurney, June Turner & more.

RAW MEAT is a classic British Horror flick that stars the great Donald Pleasence, best known for his
role as Dr. Loomis in the
HALLOWEEN films. There are cannibals running loose in the underground
tube systems of London and they are looking for some fresh meat. When a couple finds a man who is
badly hurt in the underground they go to get some help. When they come back, the man is gone. The
police don't believe the couples story at first, but then soon uncover what is really happening. They
soon discover there was a tunnel collapse years earlier and some of the workers were trapped down
there. They were forced to resort to cannibalism and eat their fellow co-workers in order to survive.
The cannibals terrorizing the public in the underground system are the descendants of those workers.
This is not the best Horror flick out there, especially for cannibal films, but would be a good film to
make a remake off. Donal Pleasence is definitely the best part of the film. The story was a little slow
getting to the point, but it is still a decent flick to watch if you like low budget Horror films from the
'70's. If you got a few hours to kill, then give this little film a viewing.