Starring: Terrence Mann, Christina Brucato, Tate Ellington, Alex Brightman, Bryan Fenkart & more.

A group of friends decide they are going to have a scavenger hunt. One friend, Jenny is reluctant to join
in. She does meet her friends in New York City on the day of the scavenger hunt. She decides to join
them. They all get new cell phones and get a text of their first clue. Once they achieve each new
challenge they must take a photo and send it to receive the next clue. The friends split up into groups of
two and head out. As they head out on the hunt, Jenny feels that something bad is going to happen. As
they continue on with each new clue the friends are killed off in ways that pertain to the clues. Now
they must find out who is doing the killings and how they can survive to the end. This was a pretty
decent flick with some good gore and death scenes.