Starring: Felicia Day, Kavan Smith, Stephen McHattie, Greg Bryk, Rosemary Dunsmore & more.

Going into this knowing it was a SyFy Channel film I wasn't expecting much, which is good, because it
helped me enjoy the movie a little better. Felicia Day is the lead and plays a long time descendant of
Red Riding Hood. Her and her family have since become Werewolf hunters. They take on a bunch of
modern day Werewolfs to try and kill off their bloodline. Things change, when her fiancé ends up
getting bit by one of the Werewolfs. She must find a way to save her fiancé. The whole movie is pretty
cheesy in everything from the acting, writing, special effects and more. I was kind of surprised, because
I like Felicia Day and thought this was way below her. I did like the concept of them being descendants
of Red Riding Hood, but it was executed very poorly. If you don't expect much from the film you can
enjoy it, but otherwise you'll find it hard to get through the whole thing!