Starring: Matthew Mercer, Dave Wittenberg, Wendee Lee, Val Tasso, Robin Sachs & more.

RESIDENT EVIL: DAMNATION is a CGI animated feature film. The film is more based on the
CAPCOM video games than the live action film series. The film takes place in war torn Europe who is
in a civil war with bio weapons. A new deadly evil is unleashed and Federal agent Leon S. Kennedy is
sent to destroy this evil. This film has gotten a lot better than the first animated film. The film follows
Leon, Ada, and Hunnigan and bridges the gap between the
RESIDENT EVIL 5 & 6 video games.
There is a lot more creatures that must be taken out and there is a lot more violence. The tension of the
battles is more and less drawn out. There isn't as much mystery or suspense, but is a much all around
film then the first one. This film pulls you away from all the stuff with the Umbrella Corporation and
gives you a different view of the
RESIDENT EVIL world. Even if you don't follow the games, which I
don't you can still submerse yourself in the world and enjoy the film. Some people may even enjoy this
CGI film better than some of the sequels in the movie franchise. The only thing that falls short in this
film is there is no Milla Jovovich, which is the best part of the live films. Fans of the series, games or
movies will love this film.