Starring: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Aryana Engineer, Bing Bing Li & more.

Alice is back again to battle Zombies, Monsters & the Umbrella Corporation. This film starts off right
where the last film ended. They are on the ship out in the ocean when they are being overtaken. Once
this situation is done, Alice wakes up and finds herself in her home as a mother and wife. She is going
through a normal day with her daughter when they become under attack by Zombies. Alice then
escapes and discovers that she has been placed in a simulation once again by Umbrella Corp. She teams
up with some people to escape the facility and she must head to the only exits of the facility. The
facility is under the water and ice out in the arctic. As they head through the facility, they are placed in
different simulation in different parts of the world. They head through New York, Moscow, Tokyo,
London and more. In each area they encounter different situations and different Monsters they must
fight off. The film had a lot going on and was felt kind of rushed to me and quickly connected the last
film and set it up for the next one. I love anything Milla Jovovich is in and with the addition of action,
Horror, Zombies & Monsters how could you go wrong. This is one of the better Horror franchise that
has been born and is still going strong today. I'm sure the popularity of the Animated films and of
course the video games adds to it. I hope Alice lives on for ever. Milla rules!!!