4321 FILMS (2008)

Starring: Rick Popko, Dan Burr, Beth West, Paul Weiner, Tony Adams, Shamika Baker & more.

This film is properly named, because this film is very bad. I don't have a problem watching low
budget cheaply made Horror films, but this one was kind of hard to get through. I will always watch
anything with Zombies and this did have Zombies, but it was pretty horrible. The story was bad, the
acting was bad and the make up was bad. The story follows Dr. Stern who is doing experiments on
special handicapped people at an institute. His experiments go wrong and he ends up turning the
retarded people into Zombies. They get loose and start chasing and turning everyone they can into
Zombies as well. The police are on the look out for a man that is terrorizing neighborhoods by going
around and masturbating in different areas and in front of different people. The movie had a pretty
bad story and came off more as offensive or making fun of the handicapped rather than fitting in as
part of the story. I know a lot of people will take offense to this film, but a lot of people will still
watch it because of the title and because it has a lot of Zombies in it, even if they are bad looking and
acting Zombies. The whole film seemed like it was a bunch of friends in a film class shooting a
movie with their hand held cameras.