Starring: Gina Phillips, Tom Sizemore, Jenny Mollen, Randall Batnkoff, Frances Bay & more.

Gina Phillips (
JEEPERS CREEPERS) is sent to clean out her family's mountain estate by her ailing
Grandmother. Her boy friend accompanies her in the trip and to help her liquidate the assets. Once they
arrive they are greeted by a man who claims he is the care taker of the home, stables and property. As
they go through the belongings in the house they start to uncover some of the families past secrets. As
they spend more time in the house things start to get strange. They just want to finish up and get out of
there. The problem is that they may never escape. This film is more of a mixture of a Horror / Thriller
film than a straight up Horror flick. Tom Sizemore always comes of great as a crazy weird character
and Gina Phillips is another fan favorite in the Horror genre. A pretty cool film that has been over
looked and deserves to be viewed.