Starring: Erin Wilk, Stephen Seider, Peter Blitzer, Chris Ferry, Matt Regney & more.

From the title & cover of this movie you will be surely surprised once you watch the film. It is in no
way a Zombie flick! No way! No flesh munching, no brain eating and barely any blood.  This is a very
independent film with very little to no budget. The film follows a small town girl who all these strange
things start to happen to, with no explanation. Laura finds herself suddenly attacked by a stranger for no
apparent reason. Once she starts to do her own investigating she finds that things lead to her past. There
is some how a ghost of her unborn dead child who has come back to seek revenge. Her boyfriend helps
her and the police become suspicious. Especially when her room mate is raped and murdered. Her
boyfriend is taken into jail and she is left to fend for herself. She is then attacked by her mother and
finally does figure out what is happening. The ghost of her dead child has been jumping from body to
body and cause all the murders and problems in her life. This film is the same concept as the move
FALLEN in the fact that the ghost jumps from person to person, but that's it. The film was a badly put
together film, that had a lot of holes in it. With a bigger budget, they may have been able to do a better